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July 20, 2018Autumn

As a busy mom of two off the wall kids I need all the energy I can get! This summer we have a jam-packed schedule full of fun activities planned and many of them are outdoors or someplace that’s not close to home.  All moms know that when you’re on the go with children you must have a bag ready with snacks for yourself and the kids. I always have my favorite energy bars packed but I never thought of taking an energy drink with me as well.

MetaBrew is “consciously caffeinated superfood drink” and when I first heard about it I was a little skeptical about it giving me any energy at all.  As a mompreneur, I work 24/7 and I rely heavily on just getting through the day by the skin of my teeth.


I live on cups of coffee with double shots of espresso, so it’s obvious why I would be a skeptic on a drink claiming to be energy boosting but also low on caffeine. But I WAS WRONG! Not only was I wrong in my skepticism but I spent two days feeling better than ever, with lots of energy to spare.

MetaBrew Product


MetaBrew.  It’s cold-brewed tea or coffee blended up with organic raw superfoods from all over planet earth! Metabrew revolutionizes the iced coffee and iced tea game by taking caffeine and emulsifying it with healthy oils. Metabrew keeps you going and going and going, and with only about as much caffeine as grandma’s tea. They don’t EVER add any sugar or anything fishy like Soy Lecithin or Citric Acid.

One of the missions for MetaBrew is for you to experience first hand how REAL FOOD can make you feel great, motivated and energetic. They want consumers to see how making better choices in food products can make you live healthier and happier. And ultimately challenge yourself to become your own hero.

 The Ingredients 

The Tea

If you are not someone who likes your tea with cream or some kind of milk, you may have to get used to the taste. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I will try anything with REAL ingredients with a claim as good as MetaBrew. For me, I enjoyed the tea and had it about an hour before going out to the park with the kids. I felt just enough energy to run around and play with them the entire time. Hours after the park, I went for my weekly run with my run club and even then I felt energetic and ready to keep going after.

The flavor of the tea was nutty and rich, it has a smooth consistency and drinking it ice cold was absolutely amazing. I am not sure how it would last if you have it in your bag all day because it is a nut buttered tea you want to make sure you drink it nice and cold.

The tea really carried me throughout my day and was the perfect pick me up. When you’re on the go you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor for health and the Metabrew tea is a great blend in a bottle!

The Coffee 

Coffee, Coffee my dear love! Like I said before I live on coffee and espresso so I was most excited about trying this one because it is low on caffeine and I should probably cut down on my caffeine intake. The day I tried the coffee the kids and I went from the park to an arcade, to get ice cream and then an impromptu talent show in the house. I was literally going from the morning to the evening and after drinking the coffee, I didn’t feel the need to drink my regular cup of joe.

The Metabrew Coffee I found to be a perfect balance of taste, convenience, and effectiveness. For busy moms, it’s a great way to keep up with your kids and all the energy they have without all the guilt, calories and ingredients you cannot read.

My Overall Experience

One day I tried the tea and saved the coffee for a different day because I wanted to see how I did with both drinks on separate days. Overall both drinks gave me energy for the entire day and while I was weary because I drink my coffee black and tea plain with lemon I just had to try and see if it lived up to its name. Both items did not disappoint on its claim and as a vegan, I was happy to have a natural clean source of energy that didn’t make me feel bogged down at the end of the drink.

Being a mom and working as much as I do, Metabrew is now my go-to for a healthy option of energy without relying so heavily on caffeine. I drank both my tea and coffee cold and immediately felt hydrated which is not something you get from your regular cup of coffee/tea.

I’m excited a product like this exists with raw organic & naturally sourced ingredients  I can exercise, run through Central Park with two kids and get busy blogging for hours without slowing down!

Where you can buy!

Are you a busy mom too? Maybe you’re a fitness buff and want a boost of energy before your morning workout then you can find MetaBrew here!

The tea and the coffee can both be ordered in packs of 6 or they offer a subscription service of 12 bottles a month delivered right to your door!

If you live in the New York Area and literally cannot wait for your order to come in the mail they even offer a few pick up locations throughout the city.

MANHATTAN: 20W 26th Street, NYC, NY-10010

BUSHWICK: 28 Cedar Street, BK, NY-11221

BEDSTUY: 630 Flushing Ave, BK, NY-11206

Exclusive Offer: Use the code METAAUTUMN10 FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

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