My Controversial Decision to Opt My Son Out!

April 17, 2019Autumn

Protecting my children is my mama bear right! The push for standardized testing in New York has been known since I was a kid and even then I had an aversion to it. There’s just something about sitting in a quiet room for hours trying to remember everything I learned in a year that always freaked me out. Diagnosed or not children all over are going into testing rooms facing major anxiety.

AJ working with his math tutor, Lidnesy Williams.

Here’s 10 Reason to Opt-out by

Our Decision to Opt Out of the Math State Test

My son has had struggles in math for two grade years and we’ve been working extremely hard with him at home, with tutors, and amazing school support. In school, he gets extra support and small group sessions to help him process as a visual learner, and through his challenges, he works extremely hard and continues to improve. As the school year has gone on, we noticed Aj needs more time than other students to complete his work specifically as it relates to the subject math.

In addition to that, we started to notice his increased anxiety around the time it came to sit and do the work necessary. His teachers made an observation for me as well to confirm that during assessment times he would fidget more or display avoidance behavior. To help AJ out we offered a fidget for the classroom and along with the school we’ve been working on plans to support him in his studies.

Due to all of those factors, Aj was displaying above it made me feel uncomfortable to have him sit for the exam. I thought about what value he would get from sitting in a room for two days with anxiety unable to complete the work. I just don’t feel my child is ready this year for the exam and while things might change next year, we just choose to opt out. I feel with us working as a team with the school and his testing for IEP/504 over the summer that we will get him ready for next year if that’s the route we choose.

Did you know you had the option to opt out in New York State?

Know your rights? 

Fact Sheet: Opt Out of State Tests

What I Moms to Know!

As a mom, it’s my right to do what’s best for my children and I will always make the decisions I think are best after reviewing the research and most importantly checking in with my child. When challenges arise in my parenting I always go with my gut and this mama’s gut was to pull back on the push for shoving my kid in front of the paper and to protect him at the stage he is in right now.

I want moms to know their options when they don’t feel something is right for their child. Ask yourself the questions and get the answers from those you need to. We have to be the voice of our children when they need them, and stand up for wherever your gut is leading you!

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