Respect for Teachers this Holiday Season and Year Round ft. My Teacherish

November 26, 2018Autumn

As a mother, it’s my job to make sure my children have respect for their elders as my mother and grandmother taught me. It’s not enough to teach your children to respect the adults in their home but also the ones they encounter on a daily basis. This includes teachers, neighbors, the mailman and more; so when Kaya of reached out about her mission to bring awareness to her brand I was happy to do so. seeks to highlight that, “teachers sacrifice time with their family, and money of their own in order to make sure their classroom environment is at it’s best”. And that, “teachers face intense and constant scrutiny. was born from Kaya’s desire to empower educators, they create products that put a smile on the face of members of a profession that gives so much yet, receives so little in return.

Give A Respectful Gift

If you’re looking to give gifts this holiday season to the teacher in your life whether it be a family member, friend or the teachers of your kids this is the perfect place to start shopping.

In the MyTeacherish shop, you will find some really great options such as mugs, tote bags, clothing, and stickers.

I mean what teacher doesn’t love some teacher swag. As a gift I received this large tote bag with the saying “please return respect for teachers” and it’s made with excellent quality.

It’s also large enough to fit my laptop, some books, and other personal items. Some of the other tote bags on the site include sayings such as “What lunch break?” or “Class is in Session”.

So if you’re on the search to support a brand that is all about empowering the teachers in your life than this is the one to do it.

Teachers can never have too many coffee cups or totes bags – hello caffeine and graded papers!

I stand by the myteacherish brand because of its mission to encourage educators in a world where they often overlooked and underpaid. Their store and brand seek to empower all to uplift our educators by gifting and bringing awareness.

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Respect for Teachers All Year Round

Like I mentioned previously, it’s our job as adults to make sure that we show respect for teachers as a way to also show our children that they must do the same.

Respect for teachers shouldn’t be limited to the gift-giving time of year and if gift giving year round is your thing then go for it, I’m sure the teachers won’t mind.  Respect for teachers isn’t limited to showering them with gifts but understand and teachers why they deserve the respect year round.

Here are 7 reasons why you and your children should show respect to teachers, give these lessons to your children so that they may have a good understanding.

  1. Teachers are people too
  2. Teachers care about each student
  3. Teachers are hard workers
  4. Teachers are great multi-taskers
  5. Teachers can help you in the future 
  6. They give up a lot for us
  7. Teachers work overtime all school year 

Visit for a chance to learn more about their brand and how they are empowering you to respect the teachers in your life and you can support.

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