Pushing Past Fear: 3 Ways To Get Over Being Scared and Get into Action

April 5, 2019Autumn

At certain times in my life, I’ve been scared AF! This is not uncommon it’s something we all have experienced, but I’m not referring to the kind of fear of monsters or killers in your closet. It’s the fear that holds you back from living your truth and going for your dreams. The kind that keeps you from asking for the raise or turning your hobby into a side hustle, pushing past fear is something I’ve learned to do and will continue to maintain.

Why You Need to Push Past Fear

You owe it to yourself to always move forward and go for what you want. We don't always know what path life will take us on but living in fear of not going for what you want only cheats you out of what life has to offer you. You owe it to yourself hun to go for what you want no matter what.Click To Tweet

In a piece done by Best Life, the common thread amongst all of the regrets from people in their 50’s was “not doing…” whether it was not traveling, or not changing careers. Who wants to be 65 with a list of shoulda coulda woulda’s rushing to tick off a bucket list because of fear? We get one life so live it girl.

When I first began my blogging side-hustle I had so much doubt on if I’d have any readers and if anyone by my mom would subscribe. There were various things, people and actions I took to finally bit the bullet and go for it and do it scared. In this post, I’m explaining 3 ways to get over being scared and get into action.

This post if for you if you’re feeling any of the below:

  • Stuck in place
  • Ready to take action
  • Want more for you or your brand
  • Seeking growth or change

3 Ways To Get Over Being Scared and Get into Action

Write it Down. There have been studies done by scientist that state why you should be writing your goals down in order to achieve them. When you have a goal often times at first it will scare you, and I’d advise you to dream bigger if it doesn’t. The reason that fear exists is that it’s probably the one you’ve been dreaming about, that itch you’ve not to be able to get to.

Writing down the things we hope to achieve (or fear) helps us to visualize where were are trying to go. The act of writing things down on paper works because it’s being encoded in your mind as you literally write out the letter and it gives you an actual physical object that you can always go back to.

Figure out why you’re scared and be clear on the purpose of your goal. Ask yourself the question of why you’re fearful in the first place.  For many reasons we get scared of things for a reason, you should brainstorm some core reasons as to what it is that is truly bothering you about the situation you are in. Because when we get to the root of the issue that’s when we are able to uncover some real truths.

Additionally, when you know the “why” for what you’re aiming to achieve it gives some substance to it. For example, if I have a goal to write a book and I’m scared to get started because of all the possibilities of failing if I can recall my purpose for wanting to do it in the first place it’ll be easier to get into action.

Prepare, Practice, Do.  After you’ve written down the things you want to accomplish that bring up fear for you and you’re clear on your purpose it’s time to prepare, practice and do! Whether you use a paper planner or you’re a virtual planner; having a plan is super important when it comes to putting things into action. We often times have an idea in our heads but they take development! Prepare yourself as much as you can in order to be set up for success. When you have a plan in place, you’ll feel stronger going into something that brings you great fear.

The time it takes to prepare yourself should never be skipped because it is in those moments that you will begin to see for yourself how committed you truly are. You’ll see how those fears will propel you, you’ll experience first hand that pushing past them in the process you’re learning, growing and getting better!

Pushing Past My Own Fears!

I have been feeling the pain of my fears but with doing all of the three above I have finally decided to bit the bullet on getting certified a holistic nutritionist! More on this in a later post!

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