Managing Busy Mornings: Advice from a Single Mom

July 13, 2018Nae Zee

Imagine trying to make and enjoy a cup of coffee while getting a toddler dressed. In my household, it’s just me. I have to make breakfast, get my daughter dressed, feed her and be out the door by 7 am for work.

It’s been three years but every day I still look around hoping someone will help. It’s overwhelming but I get it done. How? Let’s go thru this together.

A Typical Morning

5 am
I roll out of bed. Find clothes for us to put on. Take me a shower and get myself dress this leaves me with almost an hour and a half before I have to wake up my baby. So I make me a cup of coffee and start on breakfast. Press play on Pandora and get in my zone because once baby girl wakes up I need a lot of energy!!

6 am
“Wake up sweetheart”  x 10 . when she wakes up she runs to the bathroom she wants to brush her teeth and use the toilet at the same time (lol). I feed her and get her dressed. Now it’s time to finish my coffee.  She’s so energized. She starts pulling out toys, jumping up and down. I have heard mommy 100 times and it’s only 6:30 am.

7 am
Now it’s time to leave out the house, and make it to the bus stop before 715. As we’re walking she wants to let go of my hand and run. I have to call her name a bunch of times and I began to get frustrated. Thank God we’ve made it on time. I finally drop her off at daycare and I’m on my way to work.

Mornings of a single mother can be hectic and long. By the time you get to work, you don’t really want to be there. Some mothers don’t choose this life it just happened that way.

Every day you’ll learn a new trick to make the mornings a little easier. My advice to you is to keep going because it’s our job. And a mother’s job is never done!

Three Simple Tips for Better Mornings!

To avoid a stressful morning such as this one here are three tips to make your morning run a little smoother!

  1. Wake up earlier.
  2. Prepare the night before – Take things out to set up your day or shower at night
  3. Quick breakfast (things you can microwave) and take to go.

Good luck mommies!

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Thanks for taking some time to hear me out!

Shanida A. is a single mom and author of You can find and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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