8 Ways to Entertain “Bored” Kids When You’re Over It

August 27, 2018Autumn

We all have days when we just don’t feel like mom(ing) at all! I know as a mom of two there are days when I want to lay in bed with a book and do nothing! My children are both over the age of 5 which to me means they are perfectly capable of finding ways to entertain themselves together as often as possible. However, all children get bored at some point so I wanted to compile my list of ways to entertain bored kids.

Whether you want your kids to play together alone so you have a moment to yourself or if you want to entertain them with very minimal effort these 8 ways will be you lazy bone mom guide to keep those kids busy. You’ll learn that to entertain bored kids it doesn’t take that much effort.

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8 Ways to Entertain Bored Kids When You’re Over It

1. Read a Book 

There’s nothing like a good book any day of the week. You can choose to read with your children or have them pick a book within their reading limit to sit quietly and read for a few minutes. For us, my kids have a minimum reading time of 30 minutes a day. I am lucky enough to have a child who enjoys reading so much that with the right book he can sit for an hour lost in the pages.

Reading out loud is a great way to teach your children diction, new words and to foster a love of reading overall. To entertain bored kids all year round keep a good book list around, for the summer we make book lists for both children, we also love books that cater to the season or time of year. Some of our favorite books are here!

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2. Mother May I?

Have you ever played this game? It’s one of my favorite lazy bone games to play with the kids, we even play this in the park and it makes for a great group game as well. The basis is of the game is you (mother) stand/sit on one end of the room while the littles are on the other side. If you want to get in on the action you don’t always have to play mother and instead can play the child and take turns trying to win against the kids.

The goal of the game is to get to “Mother” first! In order to play mother calls out actions to the participants “Aj you can take 3 baby steps forward” and his response should be “mother may I?” and the mother’s response will be “yes you may” or “no you may not”. If the answer is yes then the child complies, if the answer is no then they must stay in place. If a child moves when they shouldn’t then it’s back to the starting line.

Another variation is, each child takes turns asking, “Mother may I take . . . steps?”  And the mom/child who is mother replies yes or no.

Step Examples

Baby Step: Tiny step forward

Backward Step: Move back one step

Giant Step: Move forward with one very large step

Ballet Steps: Fake ballet turns

Skip Jump: Skip and jump forward as far as possible

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3. Hide & Seek

A pretty simple game you can encourage your bored kids to play to entertain themselves or one you can get in on as well. We live in an apartment right now so our space is limited and we have to be really creative in hiding places but the kids can get a full hour of play with this game.

A fun tip to shake up your old game of hide and seek is to tie a bandana or scarf around the counter, spin them around in the middle of the room and have them count backward from 20. This makes them less likely to be able to hear where you are hiding and the 20 seconds makes your kids feel the urgency to hide quickly.

I’m also not going to lie, when I play hide and seek on the day when I am over it I sit in my room and count and pretend not to find them for about 3-5 minutes! It’s a game man… and we’re all having fun!

Year of Family Dates

4. Hot, Peas & Butter

This is a game I used to play with my mother and I distinctly remember her always lounging about when we played this particular game. The goal of the game is to take a small-medium size toy and hide it in a room and have the other players find it. After hiding the toy or item the hider yells out “hot, peas & butter come and get your supper”  and everyone must begin their search for the toy.

As players are looking for the item you can tell them if they are hot(close) or cold(far away) from finding it! I play this game often when I am working from home over the summer. It’s easy to grab a toy hide it and have the child entertain themselves looking for it.

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5. Board Games

I am all for the board games as a means to entertain bored kids. We often have family game nights in the house but our closet is stocked with games the kids can pick up and play on their own.

Honestly, this a fun way to get the kids out of your hair and playing with one another. There are many days when I am over it and I just don’t want to be bothered with entertaining little children so I’ll set up a game for them and continue down my checklist of 1 million things I need to get done.

6. Simon Says

Simon Says is another one of my lazy games to play with the kids (and if by now you don’t see a trend, have you been reading?). Simon (you or someone else) is the leader and as the leader, everyone has to do what Simon says in order to stay in the game.

Some actions Simon usually says are: Simon says touch your head, Simon says touch your toes, Simons says wiggle your hands, jump up and down etc. The trick is Simon can simply say “touch your head” and anyone who moves is out.  Participants need to listen for the beginning sentence of “Simon Says”

7. Family Movie

T.V shows and movies are the perfect “over it” list item when you want the kids to wind down for a little. Some of our favorite movies already live online on streaming sources so it makes for an easy way to select and watch. With Amazon Prime Video you can easily sign up for a free trial and watch your favorite movies and movie channels.

Who cares if your T.V is babysitting your children for a few hours during the day, your parents did it and you turned out fine. There is never a need to be the perfect mommy! When you are over it, you are simply over it and the T.V just has to do the trick.

8. Tablet

Positive parenting and experts will go on and on about the over excessive use of screen-time for children of the new generation. And all those reports are great to hear and I am thankful for the research…HOWEVER, when mama needs a break, oh well!

I am not talking hours beyond hours of mind-numbing unboxing videos. You can carve out some quiet time in the day to allow them a chance to play video games, educational games or parental controlled youtube videos. This time will give you some peace of mind and also keep them entertained.

All moms have “over it” moments and it is in those moments we need to some time for ourselves so I hope these tips help you find solutions to deal with your kids. All of these tips are what works for me and my children as often as possible, especially during the summer and school breaks.

Taking some time out for you is essential here are 6 self-care ideas for busy moms that really work. What are some of the ways you entertain bored kids when you’re simply over it?

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8 ways to entertain bored kids. Use these tips to entertain your children or have them entertain themselves #boredkids #kidsfun #busymoms #tiredmoms #entertainment #kidsentertainment #indoorplay #indooractivites #activitesforkids #kidsfun #boredchildren #winteractivites #fallactivites
8 ways to entertain bored kids. Use these tips to entertain your children or have them entertain themselves #boredkids #kidsfun #busymoms #tiredmoms #entertainment #kidsentertainment #indoorplay #indooractivites #activitesforkids #kidsfun #boredchildren #winteractivites #fallactivites

Comments (5)

  • Kimmy Ripley

    August 29, 2018 at 8:34 AM

    I love this post and agree with the tablet. My daughter uses her Ipad a lot and I do not mind her using it for educational purposes. She has learned a ton from her tablet.

  • Sharon

    August 31, 2018 at 3:09 PM

    I’ve had days where I am over it, and this list has great ideas on it that I will try in the future. It is okay to take breaks from time to time.

  • Lexi

    September 6, 2018 at 3:49 PM

    I have had I can’t mom today days the last two days 😅 We definitely have been playing hide and go seek and reading lots of books! We play something similar to hot peas and butter where I had the pieces to her alphabet puzzle like an Easter egg hunt. She finds them AND has to do the puzzle so that buys me at least 15 minutes!

    1. Autumn

      September 13, 2018 at 11:48 AM

      It’s the game that keeps on giving!

  • Allison

    September 14, 2018 at 8:37 PM

    Wow! These are some awesome ideas mama! I love it.

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