12 Easy Work At Home Tips for Busy Moms

November 12, 2018Autumn

I’ve been working from home for almost a complete year and it comes with its own set of challenges. Many of the challenges I didn’t anticipate at all. When you first start to work from home you may have all sets of ideas for how things will be so much more easier. You’ll think about all the dinner you’ll have cooked on time and the perfect lunches you’ll have, but then you’re 30 days in and still pulling out your hair. As a busy mom, easy work at home tips was what I needed when I started out.

In order to formulate this list of easy work at home tips for the busy mom, I polled my 3k+ Instagram followers for their best advice. I wanted this list to be inclusive of things that have worked for other moms as well as a means to help as many mamas out as possible.


12 Easy Work At Home Tips for Busy Moms

Be an Early Rise

Wake up earlier than your house and use that time to have quiet working time, this is really important if you have little kids.


I praise the moms who function without caffeine, but this was suggested over 25 times so of course, it made the list.

Keep Work Hours 

Working from home can get very dangerous and overwhelming so keeping your work hours and being consistent with it will keep you from spilling over into your personal life.

Work Outside The Home

Getting out of the house was voted for a lot! I live in New York City so there is a ton of coworking spaces to sign up for. But if you don’t have coworking spaces, try a cafe for the day or even the park – getting out is a good break from the confines of the home.

Make a to-do list for the day

A to-do list is a great way to stay on task with the day, not the same as daily goals because a to-do list is very task oriented.

Proper Rest

YES! You need to rest and recharge your mind through the night so you’re working day will be as smooth as possible.


Leave your phone in another room, this will help you stay focused on work as often as possible. Although as a blogger I work on my phone a lot, I find that even just a few hours of leaving it alone I can really focus on my work.

Play Music While Your Work

Music is essential for me, and a great tool for self-care. Create a playlist with different moods for your day, I have one that is calm and another that I can use for short breaks.

Dedicated Workspace

Even the tiniest apartments have some place that can be used as a dedicated workspace. This will help you not be tempted to lie in bed all day with your laptop. Set your workspace up like a real office or use your kitchen table, it’s all about what will work for you and help you remain productive.

Set daily goals – they don’t have to be huge!

I like to set daily goals, using my own goal setting recipe. This one another tip that was repeated several times so it seems to be a trend for a lot of work at home moms out there.

Plan in advance 

The same way you would plan your weeks and meetings ahead in a normal work setting, do the same for your work at home life. Whether you work for yourself, clients or a company; planning in advance is a good way to stay ahead of the game and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Time Block

Time-blocking is just another way of keeping a schedule and planning in advance. When you time-block your life, it’s easier to see things in advance and stay organized.

These 12 Easy Work at Home Tips are great not just for busy moms but for all work at home people. In 2018 more people are working a flexible location job than ever before and we could all use these to make life just a little bit easier on ourselves.

Do you have any easy work at home tips to share? Leave me a comment or email so this list can grow!

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Work at home tips for busy moms, stay productive when working from home #workfromhome #tips #momtips #momblogger #workfromhomeadvice #busymomadvice #momprenuer #girlbosstips
Work at home tips for busy moms, stay productive when working from home #workfromhome #tips #momtips #momblogger #workfromhomeadvice #busymomadvice #momprenuer #girlbosstips

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