25+ Christmas Books For Your Little Readers: A Gift Guide

December 11, 2018Autumn

Christmas Books for your little readers #christmas #giftguide #booklist #booksforkids #holidaybooks

My kids love reading so of course a list of books for the holidays is bound to get me giddy! This holiday gift guide features Christmas books for your little readers. If your family is anything like mine who has a great deep love for the Christmas season then these books should definitely be on your list.

Wanna Skip the Blog Post? Find the full list of Christmas Books for your little readers here!

Not all holiday or Christmas books are created equal and that comes without saying, so whether your family believes in the big guy or not there’s something in there for everyone. In our house, we teach about Baby Jesus AND Santa and his elves so I wanted to include a good mix of books on this gift guide.

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25+ Christmas Books For Your Little Readers

I Got the Christmas Spirit

A Birthday Party for Jesus

The Magic of Friendship Snow

Home Alone

Eloise At Christmastime

Mickey Saves Santa

The Night Before Christmas

Madeline’s Christmas

How to Build an Elf Trap

The Day Santa Got Sick

Kids Holiday Classic Book Favorites

A Wonderfully Awful Stickerbook

Christmas Cookie Day

Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

God Gave Us Christmas

How to Catch an Elf


The Nutcracker in Harlem

The Polar Express

Miracle on 34th Street

My Weird School: Holiday Collection

Santa is coming to Brooklyn

Christmas Books for your little readers #christmas #giftguide #booklist #booksforkids #holidaybooks
AJ and Brooke enjoying “Santa is coming to Brooklyn”, a household favorite.

Arthur’s Christmas

Weird but True! Christmas

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A Christmas Wish for Corduroy

The Story of Christmas

My Christmas Story Tree

For us, we read every night (a. it’s required by the teachers & b. they love the bonding time) so it’s easy to get through this list in a month and maybe quicker. If your family would like to do a Christmas countdown take these books and plug them into your activities.

Mix up this book list with a family game night and try to keep a sane mind all season long, while also making memories that last a lifetime.

Christmas Books Gift Guide for Kids #christmas #giftguide #gifts #holidays #booklist #books

Christmas Books Gift Guide for Kids #christmas #giftguide #gifts #holidays #booklist #books

Christmas Books Gift Guide for Kids #christmas #giftguide #gifts #holidays #booklist #books
Christmas Books Gift Guide for Kids #christmas #giftguide #gifts #holidays #booklist #books

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