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June 23, 2018Autumn

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is located in the Crown Heights Area of Brooklyn, NY and is New York City’s largest cultural institution designed especially for families. The Museum’s mission is to provide first cultural experiences for children and families that inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning.

Founded in 1899 as the world’s first children’s museum, the museum features 2 floors of interactive play for toddlers & school-aged children.

We visited this fun space and now we want to share with you what we think it’s like here and take the hassle out of finding out if your children will like the space so keep reading!

A fun coloring tunnel is right at the entrance of the musuem

The neighborhood nature area features lots of different kinds of birds, marine life, and insects that can be found right here in New York. The stuffed birds were a little creepy however especially having to explain it to a 4-year-old! 

Mommy Interview – Kid’s POV 

Mommy: What’s your favorite part of the museum?

A:  The water feature because we got to build a home for the fishes using the fake logs.

B:  My favorite part was the piano because there was a girl there and she was teaching me to play.

Brooke’s favorite place (the piano) to play was actually located outside of the museum! 

Mommy: What’s your least favorite part of the museum?

A: The pretend store, people kept taking our stuff and there weren’t enough baskets for us to share.

B: I didn’t like the water because I didn’t have a fish to play with and AJ did.

Mommy: What should they add to the museum to make it better?


B: Water balloons at the block party because it’s fun to play with them when you are outside. 

Free Opinion

A: It was so fun and I liked when we made the pizza in the pretend pizzeria, the water feature and shooting the arrows. The music on the roof helps us have a good time because I could dance!

B: I liked it because it was fun to use the piano outside and learning to shoot the arrow made me feel like Merida the brave princess. But that’s it because there wasn’t that much fun stuff to do for me and we spent only a short time there.

The Pizzeria was a hit for the kids, they have little aprons and felt pizzas. Right outside of the pizzeria are tables to sit at to wait for your pizza pie!


Mommy’s POV 

Interestingly enough I’ve lived in Brooklyn 5 years and have never been to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. But it’s perfect for a rainy day visit for the kids to get that energy out! Compared to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan it doesn’t stack up in size or amount of activities for the kids to stay entertained. We gave this museum a 3.5 out of 5 stars because while it’s a fun interactive space for kids to play and learn there wasn’t much to do to stay entertained.


  • Indoor Playspace
  • Free every Thursday from 2pm-6pm
  • Toddler section to hang out without bigger kids trampling them
  • Outdoor garden
  • 2 areas of water play
  • Rooftop Music
  • Cafe
  • Clean restrooms
  • Interactive Play Spaces
  • Sensory Room
  • Music Room
  • Color Room
  • Lots of creative drawing areas
  • Not too overcrowded


  • The play areas aren’t cleaned up at all for a reset
  • It’s easy to go through it in 1.5 hours because it’s so small
  • The cafe area is overpriced & didn’t look appetizing
  • Not for children over 7 years old


The totally tots area is for children up to age 6 years old, its the perfect little area to hang out with the little tikes. 


Shooting arrows on the rooftop

An entire room dedicated to children with sensory or spectrum disorders, call ahead to get times that this room is open. 
This was my favorite area, they have an entire greenhouse and outdoor garden.

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We hope you get a chance to go and if you do, tell us all about it in the comments below.

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