10 Books Featuring Little Brown Girls

January 22, 2019Autumn

Raising kids can be difficult when aiming to juggle all that the world wants them to believe about themselves. With gender stereotypes so obvious within the media, we must be diligent about the messages we spread to our children. As a mom of a little brown girl, I want the images shes surrounded by to be of other little brown girls and girls that look like her. For her development and growth as a strong independent little girl, representation matters.

10 Books featuring Little Brown Girls

In the current climate of our country, it’s really important to show my children symbols of themselves in leadership roles, in books and on television. I make an effort when buying books to make sure we have a good mix in our collection featuring black children as the main characters. Honestly, the representation is disproportionate but the selection has grown significantly since I was a kid.

When I was younger I remember most of the books featuring little brown girls being mostly about children in the Jim Crow era, slavery or as secondary characters overall. So this list of 10 books featuring Little Brown girls can be used as a small reference to go back to when you’re looking for a little bit of melanin to add to your library.

10 Books Featuring Little Brown Girls

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Emi’s Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair 

I’m A Pretty Little Black Girl 

Scaredy Kate

Grandma’s Purse

She Persisted 

Even Superheroes Use the Potty

ADA Twist, Scientist 

When God Made You


Lola at the Library

This list is not all inclusive of all the books we enjoy featuring little brown girls as there are several 100’s more to read. As a parent, I am overall just happy that more of these books exist to be able to share with my daughter as she grows.

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Do you have any favorite books, featuring little brown girls or boys, that you would like to share so my list continues to grow?

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Children's Books Featuring Little Brown Girls #books #diversebooks #bookswithgirlleaders #booksofcolor #bookswithgirlleadds #booksfeaturinglittlebrowngirls

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