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July 30, 2019Autumn

Does your little one have the first day of school jitters? Or maybe she’s ready to conquer 5th grade like a pro? Either way, the time for back to school is a few weeks away nationwide so what better way to get your little ones ready than with some new books?

It’s nearly back to school time for our family which means we are kicking things into gear and preparing for another school year in our household. Each year we like to go to Target and search for new books that talk about the first day of school depending on the grade to get our minds ready for the new year. Because my son is heading to 3 grade we save books from year to year to pass down to his sister. Below we’ve listed out our favorite back school books from the last few years and hope you can find some books for your kiddies!

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If you’re looking for some summer reading for your 3rd graders or emerging kindergartener we’ve made lists for those too.

Back to School Supplies
AJ reviewing all his old books
Books passed down

Grade Books

Kindergarten Here I Come

The Night Before Kindergarten

Second Grade Here I Come

Adventure Anne Goes to Kindergarten

Even dinosaurs go to school
Brooke cannot wait for Kindergarten!

First Day Books

First Day Jitters

Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School

On the First Day of Kindergarten

Cam Jansen: the First Day of School Mystery

Heading to the 3rd grade can be scary
What should we do the night before Kindergarten?

Back to School Books

My Weird School Special: Back to School, Weird Kids Rule!

What the Dinosaurs Did At School

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School

How to get your Teacher Ready

Back to School Rules

If your kids enjoy reading and find these stories relatable leave me a comment below or follow along with our back to school adventures on Instagram!

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