10 Funny & Real Life Mom Quotes

May 16, 2019Autumn

Mothering is hard – whoever says differently seriously lied to you, Jack! Or maybe they have 2 nannies, a housekeeper, a chef and endless amounts of patience but even then in this society, I find it hard to believe that anyone can call this “job” easy. Motherhood isn’t a job, it’s not a 9 to 5 it’s a lifetime game you check into the moment you have your kid and it’s forever until your last breath.

My Instagram is full of funny mom moments and quotes because I love sharing the raw and real side of motherhood, that’s what She’s A Wreck is all about. I hope to never be a perfect mom because what’s the fun if everything in parenting goes right? I hope you enjoy these funny quotes and if so share them with a mom and have a good laugh.

If you can’t already tell – I love the colors pink and gold and to keep my branding consistent on IG I keep the colors all the same for a more clean and crisp look!

Bonus 1 – Not a funny quote but the word mom in any language is Queen Y’all!

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